Onsite Support Program

Our Onsite Support Program is a service program that offers a variety of value-added services to assist our integrators with a broad range of software support, database and site installation, commissioning and service issues.

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Remote Support Program

Our Remote Support Program allows a Honeywell support professional to view and control your computer remotely from anywhere around the world using a fast and secure remote management software application.

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Software Support Program

Our Software Support Program offers three tiers of service to match your business model and your customers’ needs. These agreements ensure your customers have the latest Honeywell software, minimize your support costs and provide your customers with the latest features and functions.

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Every PC user has a computer problem now and then. Even the most stable, secure machine is not safe from buggy software, failing hardware, or even the occasional loose wire. PC problems can be a huge headache, bringing productivity to a halt and potentially costing you money.

Common PC problem is when the computer turns on and the fan and lights come on, but the machine doesn’t boot, or shows a blank screen.

The infamous “blue screen of death” has frustrated many a user, as it brings the computer to a halt and displays an error message that’s utterly indecipherable to most computer users. Lockups can be caused by any number of issues — sometimes it’s buggy software, or a system running out of memory.

Sometimes it’s a bad hardware driver causing the issue. More seriously, it can be a sign of overheating, RAM going bad, or the hard drive failing. Components get loose inside the machine and can also cause computer errors, sudden lockups, or even spontaneous shutdowns.

When you delete files and applications from the computer, all kinds of junk can get left behind. Useless files and data can accumulate and degrade system performance. Ironically, antivirus and anti-malware software, while vital to the health of a computer, can slow down a Pc’s performance. Low hard drive space or not enough RAM in the machine can also cause computer errors and slow down the machine.

Don’t waste another minute on your slow computer and desktop software problems.

Just call our support number 1-866-281-6333 toll free today and get instant help for your unresolved issues.